Steven Universe - Secret Team (full episode)

Here’s the full episode on DailyMotion in 720p!!

If it’s been removed, you can DL it here or ask me for a link.

I post full episodes every week. Enjoy!

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The UnHoly Mackerel

"I don’t know who’s more humiliated in this situation; The guy with a fish for a head, or the guy that got slapped by the guy with a fish for a head…"

Head: workshop

Fins: workshop

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ah you’re watching gravity falls? i love that show. the way the gravity just [clenches fist] fricking falls

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do you have those shows that you just pretend got cancelled after a certain season/episode and any following episodes just never existed in the first place?


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Ah you’re watching sailor moon? I love that anime. The way they just [clenches fist] sail all those fricking moons

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ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

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Imagine Person A waking up from a terrible nightmare, completely terrified and shaking. Person B assures them it was only a dream before pulling A into their arms, lulling them to sleep. Moments later, A’s alarm clock goes off, waking them up. That’s when A remembers: Person B died years ago.


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  • me before eating a lot of candy: i am going to eat so much candy
  • me after eating a lot of candy: oh GOD
So... Uh, I try to write and draw stuff? Potentially spriting too??

I need a better theme.

o m o

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